Weekly Food Prep Tips

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This infographic comes at a great time when you are probably using some of your weekend in planning meals for the upcoming week.

Meal planning is essential to keeping focus on doing and eating what is absolutely best for our bodies. You can use the infographic as a guide to put the most beneficial foods together for optimal daily performance. Here are some more tips to help you in your food preparation:

1. Write/Calendar it Out: Whether you do a weekly menu plan or a monthly menu plan or even a daily menu plan, write it out ahead of time. This helps with your shops to the market, keeps you on task, and reminds you what your goals are. See my previous post on menu planning here. I believe you will find it beneficial to at least get you in the habit and then you can adopt what works best for you.

2. Shop On the Same Day Every Week: Carve out one day a week to get everything you need for the week. As you do this, you will cut down on those extra trips where you tend to pick up those sneaky extra items that don’t belong. Using what you already have in the home will cut down on waste and you should be able to save a few extra bucks on this plan as well.

3. Look Ahead: Do you have business meetings, vacations, outings, and other events that you will need to think about preparing an alternative for? Think about what would be easiest to carry around for these life events and what would make the most sense for you bring with you. Maybe the business meeting will have some appetizer food or maybe it will be a danish tray- plan ahead to either bring your own food to the meeting or just don’t eat because it’s at a time when you are usually not hungry. Look ahead to prepare properly.

4. Stick to the Plan: This can perhaps be the hardest part sometimes. Life happens and it isn’t always easy to stick to the plan. However, if you persevere, you will feel better about having stuck to the plan. For example, last night I had personal homemade pizzas on the menu. I didn’t know the weather outside was going to be into the 90’s and our house does not have AC. So, plan B: still have personal pizzas, but heat up the grill instead. And that is exactly what we did. I still got my veggie loaded pizza and we stuck to the plan.

5. Allow Room For Fun: Girls’ nights, family outings to get ice cream, birthday parties, and other celebrations should not be met with trepidation. If you have stuck to your plan and looked ahead, and written out your meals- allowing room for fun celebrations should not be a problem. Don’t overdo it, but savor a special treat and let that carry you over to the next special occasion when a treat is in order. Guilt Free!

Apply these five tips to your food preparation and you will rock it every week.

(Infographic credit: blog.hubspot.com)