Kids Are Home For Summer-When Will You Workout?


School is out and if you are like me, a stay at home mom, you know that your time is not what it once was. Finding time for a workout when you do not have a gym membership can be tricky. I assure you, if you want it done, it can be done. Here are some ideas for workouts with kids:

1. Go to a local park and use the play equipment as your gym

2. Go to a local track (college, junior high, or high school) and do a track workout

3. At the local track you can also run bleachers

4. Get up EARLY! (My personal favorite)

5. Find a neighbor who you trust to watch your child(ren) while you run or bike or swim or even do a workout video in your own home.

6. Swap with another mom or dad on a rotating schedule so you can both get a workout in and the kids get some play time with other children.

7. Include your children in your workout. Ask them to do the exercises with you. Bonus: this one will tire them out as well.

8. Invite friends to walk with you at the local track and let the kids bring scooters and bikes and balls to play with while you walk/run/jog your morning away.

There you go, no excuses! You can workout and enjoy it during these summer months with children home. My challenge to you is to enter your workouts for the next 2 months into your calendar. Those are in RED PEN, they are not negotiable. Trust me, you will be happy about sticking to your plan. Do you have any other suggestions about working out during the summer while children are home? Let me know, I’d love to have a conversation about it.