Day 4: Fitting Fitness In My Day

Half way through this seven day series and having fun finding new way to fit fitness throughout the day.

5:30am: alarm goes off, but I turn it off and keep laying in bed. Thursdays are sometimes rest days for me. During a very busy week, I will take the morning off and sleep in a little bit. This was one of those mornings.

6:30am: The little boy in the room next to mine wakes up and cuddles with me in my warm bed for a bit. After about 10 minutes I put him back in his bed so I could have a few more minutes of peace before getting the girls up for school.

7:00am: Get the kids up and get them ready for their Halloween parties at school. A quick breakfast of cereal or oatmeal and a banana is all we had time for. The kids had to get dressed in their costumes and of course the littlest one had to dress in his Captain America costume so he could participate in the parade with his sister. Make a lunch for the oldest child and rush to the school so that we could get them to their classes and a good spot for the school parade.

9:00am-12:00pm: return home to clean up the house after the rush, then deep clean the bathrooms and start laundry. Laundry is so great for adding up the steps during your day. Lots of trips back and forth to each bedroom for each pile instead of trying to take as many piles as you can to get it put away quicker. I enjoy putting away laundry and walking all over the house to get it done and then checking how many steps I have added up.

12:00pm: lunch is made and I eat with the little guy. It was quick and nothing fancy today. I had already shared a Honeycrisp apple with my boy and had some of the pretzels. Those are just fantastic.

12:30-3:00pm: in between getting caught up on the mending pile and finish project sewing pile I would get up and walk around, stretch, and drink lots and lots of water infused with lemon. It is refreshing and energizing.

3:00pm-5:00pm: Kids come home from school. They told me all about their parties, I continued on finishing my sewing projects, and the kids jumped on the trampoline, danced to music, and played school. They entertained themselves very well today.

5:00pm: take out previously made and frozen sloppy joe meat. I warmed it up, sliced some cheese, got out pickles, and sliced pita bread in half for dinner. It was quick to make and very good. I like the pita bread with sloppy joe’s. It’s not as heavy as a full bun. I did 15 squats and 45 steam engines while the meat was warming up.

6:30pm: Hop on my bike trainer and ride until 7:45pm. I needed the break and to relax without a lot of noise or commotion or demands on my time. After bedtime routine with the kids, I hopped back on the bike for another 20 minutes.

8:40pm: dishes and clean up the kitchen area

I will be doing 10 pushups and some more stretching before bed. Stretching is such a relaxing activity. I recommend stretching or yoga to calm down or if you need to relax.

Are you able to be active during your day? Are you having trouble finding out how to fit fitness in your day?