How I Fit Fitness In My Day: Day 1

Every Sunday morning I go on a leisurely walk for about 2 hours. It’s not strenuous, it’s relaxing, and my time to breath. I get up around 6 or 6:30am and start then so that I am back before the kids can cause too much chaos for the dear husband. Well, it was this past Sunday that I came up with a way to get me on here more: I am going to keep a 7 day journal of how I am able to fit fitness in my life with 3 children, housework, cooking clean meals three times a day, running errands, being taxi to and from activities, and all else that is required of me.

In doing this, I hope that you will be inspired to do what you can to squeeze those moments of fitness into your busy days.

Monday morning at 5:30am: Fitbit alarm goes off. My running buddy has cancelled on me. I’m a chicken and won’t go by myself. Instead I roll out of bed about 5:45am after the iPhone alarm has gone off at 5:40am. Take a big drink of water with lemon essential oil flavor in it. I get into workout clothes and decide I would ride my bike trainer that is set up in the garage for 10 minutes to get me warm and more awake. Then I move onto weights, which I haven’t done in far too long because I’ve been hooked on walking and running outside in wonderful weather while I can. For the next 30 minutes I lift weights to strengthen my arms. Hammer curls, bicep curls, arm raises (front and side), shoulder press, tricep and diamond push-ups, tricep dips and kick-backs, and concentration curls are a few of the exercises that filled my time. I lifted heavy enough weights to feel pretty fatigued after 10 reps. I did each exercise two times.

7:00am: morning rush of getting girls to school. Make our usual steel cut oats with dates and cinnamon and blueberries for breakfast. Pack up school lunches and lunch for dear husband to take to work.

8:30am: before hopping in the shower I do leg lift ab crunches, crunches, and leg ab/aduction exercises. Just to fatigue for each a couple times through.

10am-3pm: It was a crazy day: drop off little guy for a play date, run to Trader Joe’s and Sprouts for weekly shopping trip. Run home to start Sweet Potato and Apple (and Butternut Squash) soup for dinner in crockpot. Make a quick lunch for little man to eat in the car while we head to fabric store across town. I eat a honeycrisp apple and a rice cake with PB as I know I won’t be able to sit down and eat lunch. I am in charge of sewing and making mocks of school play costumes-so fabric store for 2 1/2 hours it was. Then back to school to pick up children. Arrive home, get after school snack in 2 of 3 children. I grab a few whole wheat pretzels and a small amount of raisins. While in the car I work on sitting up straight and pulling my belly button into my back. It helps to create a strong core. It helps to calm down too, as you have to breath steady and slow to stay in that position for any amount of time.

3:35pm: back to school to pick up child #1 at golf lessons. Throw a snack to her to eat on the way to the dentist.

4:00-5:15pm: dentist appointments for both girls. I had not sat all day (except for in the car, of course) so I sat and flipped through a couple of magazines before getting up and walking around the dentist office to try and up my steps for the day and check on the girls and their teeth. Then we went to pick up dry cleaning.

5:30pm: make cornbread to go with the aromatic soup for dinner. Puree the veggie soup in the blender. I put each individual ingredient away at a time so that I get more steps counted on my Fitbit. I remain standing in between jobs in the kitchen, or wash dishes to remain standing while working on pulling in abs and standing straight.

6:30: eat the delicious soup and cornbread with the whole family around the table. It is always a loud affair and someone complains, but you can’t go wrong with straight veggies made from scratch soup and homemade cornbread. I always love the end result of putting in effort to provide my family with a nutritious meal.

7:15pm: still standing, finishing dishes, wiping down counters, cleaning up the house before bed, changing into my slippers.

It is now just about 9:30pm and I can say that I am tired and ready for my warm bed, but feel good about the movement I had today. My lunch time meal could have been rounded out with carrot sticks or zucchini, but I didn’t prep the veggies before hand. Before I hop into bed tonight I will do a 1 minute elbow plank followed by 15 pushups.

What are you doing to keep on moving? I’d love to hear how you fit fitness into your life.